New Weaving is in the Shop!

I finally did a weaving shop update! Phew :) (New paintings will be uploaded soon, I'm just finishing a few more first.) My Mom was in town last weekend, so I rushed to get the photos all taken before she got here (the guest room is my photo studio), and then processed the photos while we hung out in the evenings. We did some great Christmas shopping while she was here – it was a really fun weekend!

Here's what's new...

I wove a batch of tea towels in blue/white, red/black, and black/white. My favorite colors. Along with the goose eye and herringbone that I absolutely love to weave, I tried out a new pattern that will definitely be one of my regulars. I'm calling it the "Carrie" point twill, and it's available so far in blue/white, and red/black.

I also wove a couple things on this bright red fine cotton, using a pattern that's called a "skip-dent" weave. All that means is that it has stripes lengthwise that are created by leaving some threads out so there are gaps. (Does that make sense? It's so hard to put into words!) Right now, I have this table runner available in the shop. It's 48" long and 9.5" wide. Perfect for your holiday tables! It's nice and light – a little bit sheer, and it has 3" fringe on the ends so it would look great with the ends draped off the edge of the table.

I also have a scarf made with the same red yarn and pattern, but it's in a group show at Weisinger's Winery in Ashland though December. If it doesn't sell at the show, I'll add it to the shop in January! I really like it as a scarf – it's so light and airy.

And last but not least, I wove two infinity scarves using variegated Tencel (rayon) yarns. Why didn't I do infinity scarves before?? They're so cute!

In case you don't know, an infinity scarf has its ends sewn together so it's a big loop. You put it on and then loop it around your neck again. Super easy!

The red one is a variegated yarn in shades of red and black, and I added some random stripes in solid black. The blue one is a variegated yarn in shades of blue, purple, and black. If I could, I'd keep these and wear them all. the. time. They're so pretty!

Everything's in the shop now. Check it out!

Holiday Sale!

I'm having my first holiday sale soon. It starts on 11/25 and runs through 12/8. Check back here or watch my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for details!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!