Spring Stripes

This past month was all about weaving tea towels. I had some stripes in my head that I really wanted to try, so I sat down with some graph paper and worked out the patterns. I'm so happy with how they turned out!

Like with a lot of my weaving, these tea towels were inspired by vintage textiles. My grandmother had a super cute, ‘50s vintage-feeling red and white kitchen that I loved. It’s kind of the model in my head for “best vintage kitchen”. (Side note: My Great-Great Aunt [my Great-Grandmother’s sister] had an avocado green kitchen with green and yellow linoleum. Totally not the ideal anything in my head. I’m so glad avocado hasn’t come back into style in any widespread way…)

I think my grandmother would have liked these striped tea towels. They would definitely fit into her '50s kitchen, but the stripe patterns feel modern, too.

These new tea towels are available in my shop. I wove a couple of each design so you can stock up. Get your favorite now!