Refueling in Montana

Creativity is interesting. Inspiration isn’t always there when you need it or want it – you have to nurture it a bit, encourage it, feed it. You can’t use your creativity without replenishing it somehow. For me, that includes taking at least one full day off each week to do something new. Not grocery shopping, not a super exciting trip to Home Depot, not cleaning my gutters. Something new that will inspire and stimulate me and give me the fuel I need to create. I love going to galleries, going hiking, taking a long drive somewhere that I haven’t explored yet.

If I don’t take time off for those things, I start to feel like weaving and painting are a chore. It’s like butting my head against a wall – there’s no joy, no inspiration. Just monotonous work. The catch is that it takes discipline to force myself to take time off. It’s easier to just stay home and try to work, or procrastinate. Easier, but not healthier and definitely not productive. So I schedule a day off each week and stick to it… most of the time.

To get some new inspiration and kick off Fall (my favorite time of year), I took a road trip for the first half of October to Glacier National Park in Montana. It was an amazing way to refuel my creativity. The park is so beautiful! It rained and snowed, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I did lots of hiking and exploring, and took so many photos! The Fall colors really stuck with me – watch for some yellows, rusts, and oranges in my upcoming work. And lots of new scarves – it's cold in Montana in Fall :)

New Work

Next week, I'll be adding some new work to my shops (vacation put me behind my usual schedule!). Watch for some new tea towels and table runners, as well as new paintings. I can't wait to show everyone!

Come See Me!

I am selling my weaving with some wonderfully talented weavers at Weisinger’s Winery in Ashland from November 1 through December. Stop by the tasting room and check out what we have for sale!